The Gap of Time

Yes it’s been quite a while since my last post and all I can say is that I was sick longer than anticipated and just didn’t feel up to thinking about blog posts I’m sorry. But I’m starting to feel human again and I have started bringing my container garden back to life on my deck which gets me outside for a few minutes each day in the sun. Maybe that’s what’s helping! So I’m just going to show you a few pictures of what I’m pulling together on my deck.

First addition

The first thing I added was a nice healthy lavender plant mainly because I like the smell and because someone told me it would keep the wasps away. However the next day I heard that is not what keeps wasps away you need to have herbs. So I added a small herb garden and in it I have Rosemary, tarragon which I love, t h y m e, basil, and Sage. I got them in tiny little pots and eventually went back to purchase larger pots so I could replant them. Repot them? Whichever is correct that’s what I did. Here they are repotted.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I had ordered a potting bench online and it came ready-to-be-assembled. It’s sat for two days before I could even bear to open the box. But open the box I did and put it together I did! I even went back to the store and got some Thompson Water Seal and painted it on so it is now all sealed and water repellent. And I used it to repot those herbs. Here is a picture of my potting bench.

I absolutely love it!

The other small area I have on my deck is just past my patio table.

Here I have a row of zucchini which I will have to transplant soon or they will be miniatures!

Zucchini – closeup

Some cauliflower (closeup) which will also need to be transplanted somewhere

And two varieties of tomatoes both of which have tomatoes started on them already. Yay!

Early Girl and San Marzano

This next one I don’t remember what is planted in here and I didn’t put a marker so if anyone recognizes the leaves please leave me a comment to let me know what you think it is. I know I could use one of those plant recognizing apps but it’s just more fun to see what comes out of it.


This last picture has two planters … the dark brown one I don’t remember what I planted in it and again no marker. The smaller wooden one I transplanted my Boston Bibb lettuce and Romaine from the kitchen window sill to see how they do.

So that’s it …that’s what I’ve been up to; very little art but we will call this the “art of gardening”.

And, Yes I know in the background you saw lots of weeds growing up between my brick patio’s bricks… that’s the next thing on my list but we are supposed to have thunderstorms today we will have to see if that comes to pass; if it does not, then perhaps later today I can get whacking at them. Thanks for being here.


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